Our lodge

Laugarfell can host 28 people in made up beds. Two of the bigger rooms have 6 beds in each. There are eight twin rooms with made up beds in Laugarfell.

We offer breakfast and dinner at Laugarfell. Orders need to be made before 4pm. We also offer sandwiches, soup and cake, and of course we always have warm coffee and tea. We offer food packets for short or long trips.

Two natural hot springs are in Laugarfell, which give the place its name. The springs are stacked which gives them a lot of charm. The view from the pools is beautiful and in the distance one can see Mount Snæfell. Old sayings claim the water in the springs has got healing powers. After a walk or sightseeing it is lovely to relax in the hot springs and enjoy the quietness, peace and bright Icelandic nights.