Winter time

Winter time

Winter time in Laugarfell is a truly adventurus time. One can expect a winter wonderland covered with snow. Inside the hostel it is warm and cosy, as it is fully heated.

To bathe in the geothermal pools in the winter is an exotic experience. Snow is all around and the air is cold but the water is warm and the experience comfortable; the opposites of heat and cold complement one another. After dark one can often see the Northern Lights dancing in the skies above Laugarfell. It is a uniqe and wonderful experience one can have; laying in the pools, warm and comfortable, in the middle of the wilderness and away from all light polution, with the Northern Lights performing their art in the skies above.

Laugarfell is a good place for groups to visit; for birthdays, or just groups of friends, or colleagues together for conferences – or visitors on a jeep-tour or snow-scooter tour wishing to have a place to stay – Laugarfell is ideal for any occasion.

From the middle of February to the 10th of May it is possible to book accommodation for minimium 2 persons in Laugarfell. We will pick you up on our Super Jeep in Egilsstaðir Airport at 16:00 and drive you up to Laugarfell.  We will leave Laugarfell at 12:00 on the check out day.

It is always possible to book accommodation for groups in Laugarfell.